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Our laboratory plays a vital role in maintaining the health and well being of your pet. Our technicians routinely perform a wide variety of blood profiles, urinalysis, and cytologies and with specific attention to the diseases that affect animals. We are also able to test in-house for FIV and FeLV virus infection in cats as well as parvovirus in dogs.

For the critically ill pet, a blood chemistry and hematology profile are completed within 20 minutes. These sensitive instruments offer highly accurate results of tests used to diagnose or evaluate and monitor your pet's progress.

Our healthy pets may also receive a pre-operative blood profile prior to any surgical/sedative procedure.  These panels reduce the risk of anesthesia by screening for pre-existing conditions that are not apparent on the pet's physical examination.

In addition to our in-house lab we ​​utilize a national diagnostic lab for both routine and specialized laboratory testing. We submit blood, urine, and fecal samples there for evaluation. We also submit biopsies, bacterial cultures and samples to look for the DNA of infectious organisms.

We are able to test for ear mites, mange, ringworm and skin infection in-house.
Our doctors strongly believe in routine wellness screening for dogs and cats of all ages. Our goal with wellness testing is to identify disease processes before you notice them making your pet sick. When we pick up on these illnesses early, we are able to begin treating your pet earlier and give you more healthy years with your best friend. Your veterinarian will recommend a wellness panel based on your pet’s age and lifestyle during his or her wellness visit.


Radiographs, or X-rays, are used to diagnose injuries and other conditions that require the veterinarian to see inside your pet. Our doctors can identify heart and lung disease, arthritis, broken bones, bladder or kidney stones and can evaluate the organs inside the abdomen. X-rays may also be used to help identify when pets have swallowed a foreign object.

Breckenridge Animal Hospital offers a range of in house X-ray capabilities. We offer digital dental X-ray as well. After our doctors review the X-rays, if necessary we are able to submit those X-rays to a board certified radiologist for final review and interpretation.

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